There are lots of variables at play when it comes to carrying out building contract works, but one constant is customers investing in designing their homes to fit their specific requirements. At times, it is really worth going through the cumbersome process of designing everything from the scratch. While it might seem easier to go for a standard design, some of you would like a unique home that pretty much reflects your style and individuality.

If you’re seeking a Chennai building contractor that will love your design the same way you do and are looking for someone who sees something as an opportunity rather than a problem, you’re in the right place.

What is the Construction Cost Per Sq.ft. in Chennai?

₹ 1800

Per Sq.ft.

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You can get the building construction quotation for contract works

Building Contract Works
Enter the Total Construction Area including Headroom
₹ 1800
₹: 0
Size of RCC Water Sump
₹ 15
₹: 0
Size of Septic Tank
₹ 15
₹: 0
Length and Height of Compound Wall
₹ 300
₹: 0
Total Construction Cost
₹: 0
Note: *1 cft = 28.317 ltr

Building Construction & Contract Work Materials

Quality and brand of material used for the above mentioned building construction cost

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 53G (As per IS:12269-1987) Used for RCC Works.
Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) 43G (As per IS 1489 :2015) Used for Plastering Work

TMT Steel Bars

(Thermo Mechanical Treatment)

TMT Steel Bars

As Per IS-1786:2008
TMT bars in various grades like – Fe-500, Fe-500D, Fe-550, Fe-550D
(FE means for Ferrous material IE iron)

Used for RCC Works.


Red Bricks

Red Bricks


Used for Compound Wall Works

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

  • M10 & M20 Grade Used for PCC Works
  • M25 & M30 Grade Used for Roofing Slabs & RCC Structure Works



6mm Jolly | 20mm Jolly | OVER ¾ Jolly | 40mm Jolly

Floor Tiles, Kitchen & Bathroom Wall Tiles

Wooden Frames


Plumbing Pipes & Fittings – Ashirvad / Star Brands

Bathroom Fittings – Parryware, Hindware & Cera Brands

S S Hand Railing




Switches (Elleys & Anchor Brand) & Wires (Orbit & Asmon Brand Wires & Cables)


Systematic Approach to Delivering Building Contract Works

Having your new home crafted to specifications is a pretty good feeling but it’s often a tedious process. At JKB builders, we’ve made it simple with a fairly simple step by step process. So, what’s involved?

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To Know more details about Building Construction Works and renovations.

Frequently Asked Construction Questions

We endeavour to answer all queries as quickly as possible. Our customer service team will respond to your enquiry within a working day whenever possible.

We are always available through our website, telegram & business whats app. @ following mobile number’s.

In addition, our services associates would handle your calls from 9.30 AM- 6.00 PM, Wednesday – Monday ( Tuesday Holiday ).

You can also drop us a note at our sales email address or one of our contact numbers +91 9500 900 800.

Construction is a combination of multiple service elements. It involves careful planning of the usage of hundreds of building materials and the services provided by multiple individual contractors. The quality of the construction is actually dependent on all these major and minor factors, due to which there has to be a clear-cut planned approach in the usage of these elements.

A good contractor, with his expertise and experience in building homes, takes utmost care in carefully purchasing the construction materials and professionally combines them to create the best possible house that suits your dream and budget.

Based on land area & Customer Requirement we will fix the Project Completion Date. (Approx. completion scheduled for Ground +1 construction Projects – 8 Months Duration from the work Starting date).

‘JKB Housing’ is one of the leading building construction company in Chennai, we do have endeavor to give the best service for our customers in their budget. We don’t keep any hidden charges or service charges associated with our services. The construction rate or the cost that would be incurred for the construction of a house would be agreed upon at the outset.

At the same stage, the additional elements which could be charged outside the standard contractor rate would also be specified to the customer. These additional elements would be taken up only on the instruction of the customer, because of which the company can assure a standard construction rate for the entire building.

Additional charges and fees and extra work would be charged only when there are additional elements which are included on the basis of a customer request.

Yes! You can make the customization on your dream home to fit your budget and your choice’s. We will Coordinate & Guide with you to the project handing over. We will support you to visit suppliers to make choices if you like.

Primarily the legal approval that is required for constructing a house is the approval that is taken from the local self-government body, which is a Panchayath, Municipality or a Corporation as the case might be. It is decided based on the local body under which the property falls.

The process is something like this – once you decide to construct a house, you get a floor plan designed using the services of an Architect. After the floor plan is finalized, you create technical drawings as per the standards set by the local body. You then apply for a building permit. There is a statutory process by which the building permit is issued and once the building permit is issued you are statutorily allowed to start the construction of the house.

So it is a single step process which would involve verification of the plan as well as verification of property by authorities concerned.

Yes, you will get a home loan for constructing a house, just as you would for buying an apartment or a villa. You can apply for a home loan from any leading bank in two ways – either before purchasing the property to construct the house OR after you purchase a plot in your name – depending upon what stage you are in.

You can either get a complete home loan, which includes a plot purchase loan and a construction loan or an independent construction loan, both of which are considered to be home loans and eligible for tax benefits.

A Trusty Partner in Building Contract Works

JKB builders understand the importance of the personal connection that a customer feels towards building their own home and we do whatever it takes to comprehend their vision. We pull out all stops to ensure that the journey of building home is enjoyable to everyone involved and will match each customer to the right contractor we believe is capable of forming a good working relationship with that particular customer. With over a dozen years of building homes in and around Chennai, we have the right set of skills and experience to deliver you a home you deserve.

A Dedicated Team To Deliver Contract Works

A dedicated team of well-qualified project managers, contractors and surveyors would be commissioned to run the project right from start to finish so you are assured that the project will be completed on time and within budget. This team is responsible for managing your project coordinating all activities from planning to execution, developing scope and schedule, measuring performance against a base plan to identify potential cost escalations, supporting progress meetings, doing field visits and providing on-site support etc. Each team member is well aware of their roles and responsibilities.

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