We are a most preferred flats promoters & trusted builder company with over 15 years of experience, committed to creating places to live that are precisely designed and cultivate wonderful life experiences, providing inclusiveness, comfort, and a sense of place. Since our inception in 2002, we have promoted different types of apartments / flats in Chennai spanning over hundreds of thousands of square feet.

With a focus on smart and practical construction, we pride ourselves on promoting flats and apartments that meet the highest standards of value and quality.



Contractors & Engineers

The JKB team comprises of professional contractors who specialise in residential projects and have impressive backgrounds in planning, architecture, design, construction and engineering as well as extensive experience in major residential projects in Chennai.

Our dedicated engineer team works with clients throughout the project right from the initial design and planning, seeking approvals from the council, engineering compliance and construction to interior designing.

Promotions & ROI

We have a great network of reliable suppliers & partners who share our commitment to excellence and quality for flat promotion. Our team takes great pride in the outstanding standards of design & sophistication evident in their projects.

Our team of local experts has a great understanding of the Chennai property market, construction methods, and what investors and buyers look for. We work closely with our clients to make sure that our properties make the most of the available land and thereby increase potential returns on investment.

Trusted Builder

JKB is unique builder among top Chennai real estate builders in that it carries out all of the construction on each and every project it undertakes.

With no conflicting interests, JKB is free to work with experienced architects in collaborations and joint ventures that always put the company’s objective to raise the bar for sophisticated residential developments first, no matter what.

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