JKB Housing was started in 2002 with the primary goal of providing unmatched customer service in the field of property development and management. Our unique approach to business ensures your satisfaction in all your interactions with us. 

Distinguished for ideal locations, functional designs, superior quality, timely delivery and exceptional customer care, renowned for ethical dealings and honest pricing, JKB Housing remains as the most trusted homemakers of Chennai, where happiness, comfort, peace of mind and luxury resides. For location, design, finishes and services JKB Housing is unmatchable. Homes that carry a signature of our long-standing commitment to excellence in delivering superior value has earned us the TRUST, CONFIDENCE and RESPECT of home seekers.

Who Are We?


Mr J Balaji

Managing Director

Mr J Balaji is the Managing Director & Founder of JKB Housing Pvt Ltd. He is a Civil Engineering professional from Madras University. He has an exceptionally strong record on building quality homes since 2001. He has grown the company in the last 15 years with his customers trust. He gets involved in in the day-to-day work to provide his technical knowledge & to ensure quality.


Mrs B Komathi Priya


Mrs B Komathi Priya is the Director of JKB Housing Pvt Ltd. She holds a Masters in Pscychology. She strategize the business activities in JKB Housing and responsible for the business activities execution. She is highly optimistic who motivates and drives the executive team of JKB Housing.

Our Team


Our team is a precious gift to JKB Housing!


Our vision is to build an organisation that is able to offer every customer complete satisfaction through our professional and high-quality work.


Our mission is to provide unmatched value and service to clients in the field of property development and management.


Our approach is not profit-based but rather customer-based as we believe that customer satisfaction is more important.

What JKB means?

"J" stands for Mr A M Janakiraman (Father) "K" stands for Mrs J Kuppammal (Mother) and "B" stands for Mr J Balaji  (Founder & Managing Director of JKB housing Pvt. Ltd). His father was a retired Head Master and Mother was a Housewife. With the Parents Blessings, Guidance he is running the company successfully for the past 15 years and the primary key of success is following his own ethics and principals.

Why JKB?


We will tell you the right costs of the project regardless of the situation. We will not keep changing our prices to suit ourselves. The customer is important to us and we will always be honest with you about prices, schedules and in all other matters.


We have many qualified people working as JKB employees to take care of all aspects of property development. We do not outsource any work and take full responsibility for all work undertaken. This ensures accountability and gives you peace of mind.

On-Time Delivery

We always finish our projects on time as stipulated. Our work is well planned so that it can be delivered on time. We avoid delays through our hard work and honest policy with our customers.

Good Quality Construction Materials

The quality of our properties is very important to us as it reflects on us as a company and also influences customer satisfaction. Hence we make sure to use the right high-quality materials for the project. Our site supervisors check the materials for the right quality and there are no substitutions or replacements with any sub-standard quality materials. We use only good quality materials for construction as a high quality finished product makes us proud of our work and makes the customer satisfied. We do not use cheap products for quick profit.

Strong Legal Team

Our legal team will ensure that all your documents are accurate at all stages of our partnership. We will analyse documents like title deed and agreements for you so that there can be no chance of problems in the present or future for customers.